How Men Can Make Women Feel Safer?

It's essential to understand that men and women can have different experiences in different places. It's possible that the woman walking in front of you feels insecure but you feel absolutely fine while using the same route at night. 

Don't judge her, just try to help!

Now, you might be thinking how can you help her even when there's nothing wrong? 

Well, first, put yourself in a woman's shoes and use a few suggestions mentioned below to get some ideas.


1.    Maintain a Proper Distance

First of all, think about how to make a woman feel safe in the street. Allow a woman to continue on her path and step out of the way if she is near you while you are walking. One of the biggest issues that people are concerned about is maintaining a distance. Ensure not to follow a woman too closely while you are behind her. If she's all alone, move to the other side of the road to ignore her, but don't be quiet; even shaking your things or coughing will notify them that you're not attempting to approach them quietly.


2.    Never Try to Talk to Women at Night

If you're walking behind a woman and you don't know her, avoid talking to her in the dark at night.  It is inappropriate at this moment to initiate conversation or even to ask a woman for her phone number. Her goal is to return home safely, not to engage in conversation. Obviously, you should not catcall ladies ever. But unwanted remarks regarding a girl's body are never acceptable because they will be frightening at night. Plus, it is incredibly simple to keep your opinions to yourself. 

Catcalling is harassment; it's not praising!


3.    Careful About Your Hands & Touch

When we walk casually, one person's swinging hands can touch the other person. If this happens a lot to you as a man, you should be aware that it might be terrible for the woman who is being at the receiving end. So, be cautious while walking beside women to avoid any accidental touch.


4.    Avoid Making Any Unexpected Movements

It can be frightening to be approached from behind, especially if you are moving quickly. If you are running, consider crossing the street or getting off the road. Other unexpected motions, like going into your pockets or searching for something in your bag, must be reserved for the time when you're not close to a woman. Because this could indicate that you are reaching for a weapon rather than your keys or wallet to someone who is already on edge and alert.


5.    Teach Your Boys

Yes, not all guys are bad for women. But do all males attempt to prevent other guys from hurting women? Do they speak to their sons regarding a woman's safety or consent?

Educate your boys about being safe as a woman vs. man, and the thin line between these concepts. Also, if you witness a friend or member of your family acting inappropriately with a woman, call him out immediately and warn them. While staying away from females is a good idea, changing the attitudes of our males and improving a man's viewpoint about women's safety is a significant move to make them feel less uncomfortable.


Wrap Up

Many of these recommendations are pretty simple and basic. It doesn't have to be difficult for males to prevent women from feeling uncomfortable.  Our discomfort at this time is not unreasonable. Every day, the news reveals how men harass, assault, and even kill women. 

According to Statista, there were 2,168 rape victims in the Philippines in 2020. Also, the number of women who were sexually exploited increased in 2020. Sill, assault against women and children is the biggest issue in the Philippines.

Look at the numbers! It’s terrible!

Living in constant terror should not be normal. Women should feel safe even when they are just walking home all alone or being in public.

The fact that they can't, must be a men's biggest concern right now.

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