How to Say Safe While Out Running?

Running is among the best exercises for both mental and physical health, yet many people decide not to engage because of safety concerns and certain fears.

In the past year, there have been a number of incidents of individuals being stalked or harassed while out running, mostly women. It's obvious that female runners nowadays are more anxious than ever about their safety considering the rise in female assaults that are taking place on the roads.

Sadly, you have no control over what others do, so you can't always guess an attacker's next step. That’s why running alone as a woman is not easy anymore!

But it doesn't mean you should be worried, in fact, it's time to take some action!

In this post, we have mentioned all possible measures you need to take in order to stay safe while out running.

Have a look!


1.    Always Keep a Personal Safety Device  

You can carry some lightweight device or a personal safety alarm while you're out running. It must be small enough to hide under your sports shirt, leggings, or jacket, or it can be hung around your backpack Just like Bella, your little guard.  Since it's lightweight and small, it won't interrupt anything while you're running. Despite the little size, it's incredibly powerful and has the ability to make a loud boom whenever activated.

You can activate the personal safety alarm by pressing a button on it if you believe that you are being stalked or harmed. As quickly as you do, the device will produce a loud, penetrating noise to inform everyone nearby. The alarm's loud noise will either warn the intruder away or draw attention from others, so they can intervene to save you. Safety alarms act as barriers to potential attackers while they're trying to harm you.

2.    Get Some Company

There are numerous advantages of group workouts including bonding and encouragement. Also, the more individuals, the better!

According to research, finding a fitness partner, especially one who is physically fit can have a favorable effect like motivating others to level up their fitness. One study showed that working out with a person who is more physically fit can boost your workout speed and energy up to 200%.

Also, having a sense of security when you're walking at night is a huge plus, and running with a companion or a club has been shown to offer several advantages. Keeping others close by may help prevent attacks if safety from attackers is your top priority. At last, you can concentrate on running and enjoy a fantastic evening workout with a running companion.

3.    Disconnect Your Headphones

While running, music can be inspiring as well as extremely distracting.  Running without playing your favorite track may seem pointless, but it's vital to embrace audio-free running for your own safety.

Running without headphones or earbuds causes you to be more aware of your surroundings. Because you'll be more conscious of what's happening around you, you'll respond better if you sense danger. If you typically run at night or in remote, silent places, this is very crucial. Keep your ears "up" so you can catch someone sneaking up around you, rumbling in the bushes nearby, or a slow car passing by.

4.    Use Suits Having Reflective Strips

Regardless of whether you are a skilled runner and are familiar with your community, you should still be on the lookout for moving cars that may not see you. Wearing a prominent safety suit is essential when running at night, especially so that you can be seen by oncoming traffic, bikes, and other people. Choose white, yellow, or bright orange clothes, which are simpler to view in the dark for your nighttime run, instead of all-black or darker colors, which may be suitable for a bright sunny day.

Reflective products like glowing strip suits make it simpler for vehicles to see you with their headlights on when you're running and it's becoming dark outside, yet it's not an assurance of safety. Consider purchasing a few suits, such as vests, jackets, or trousers with bright fibers or trim, if your training apparel lacks reflective stripes. Additionally, there are flashing safety lights that could be attached to outer layers of clothes, as well as reflectors that clip on. These resemble the kinds of things that bike riders used to tie to their bicycles or clothing.

Try Different Routes & Timings

If you run the same route daily, you probably know it quite well. This can assist you in staying on track and avoiding getting lost. You never wish to end up running in a strange place, miles away from your residence, by yourself. On the other hand, you shouldn't always run in the same location and at the same time. If someone is keeping an eye on you, they will be aware of your specific routes and running schedules.

Keep things unpredictable and occasionally change your route to avoid an attack from guessing where you would be running. It might be useful to identify four to five distinct running routes in your area that you enjoy taking, then pick one randomly each time you go for a run.  If you've recently relocated, consider going running with a friend to explore different areas. As an alternative, you might walk about the neighborhood to look for busy parks or paved paths that would offer an ideal running route for you.


Safe Running Tips for Beginners (Especially for Females)

You can get ready for any emergencies that can occur while you're running with the assistance of these basic female running safety tips:

  • When running, always keep your ID with you. People will know who you are if an incident arises and you are unable to communicate.
  • Take some cash or a credit card with you when you go running. Although you don't need to carry a lot of cash, having some will be helpful in case you want to stop and take water, use the transport, or have another unplanned requirement.
  • On the go, keep your phone with you. Although phone breaks are helpful for our mental health and are enjoyed by many of us, it's essential to have a way to call anybody in case of an emergency when running. 
  • Follow traffic lights. You should be aware that you run a higher chance of getting hit if you choose to neglect those road signs and traffic lights. Drivers generally fail to look for runners and may be preoccupied with their phones, so you have to be extra careful.
  • Pay attention to your gut. It's preferable to leave if someone is making you uncomfortable, bothering you, or frightening you. The safest course of action is typical to avoid conflict, and running is actually our greatest weapon. You may also use your cellphone to capture footage of individuals you might want to report, such as street harassers.
  • Run as much as you can during the day when people are present around. Even though this does not ensure your safety, it raises your odds of being able to receive assistance, record the event, and understand what is happening.


You’re Good to Go!

These safety precautions can be used for any outdoor activity, but if you enjoy running at night, it's essential to have a safety plan as it's darker and quieter.

Plan ahead, dress appropriately, activate your phone's emergency options, and you'll be prepared for safe running and a fantastic workout.

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