Bulk Orders

Our wholesale customers include Corporate, Schools, Non Profits, Wholesalers and Re-sellers.

If you're interested in placing a bulk order (25+ Bella Personal Safety Alarms), please check out using the below discount codes or email us at hello@wearebella.ph for more information.

• 25+ 'Single' alarms: Use code WHOLESALE30 for 30% OFF.

• 50+ 'Single' alarms: Use code WHOLESALE35 for 35% OFF.

• 100+ 'Single' alarms: Use code WHOLESALE40 for 40% OFF.

Please note that the discount only applies to orders of 25+ single units.

For the protection of our re-sellers or wholesaling, please reach out for permission so we can include you as one of our official partners.

Please note, we require a minimum DP for Bulk Orders. COD will not be accepted. Please get in touch via hello@wearebella.ph and the team will be happy to assist you.